INSIG is not running events at present

INSIG events are generally run at

ANMF House
535 Elizabeth St. Melbourne
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INSIG Events Page

Events are generally held at
ANMF House, 535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

INSIG hold periodic events such as their End of Year Xmas events, the always popular Biennial Conferences and other specific events..

Not all events are members only though some are

Events are catered and members usually get a discount or get additional value for their membership dollar as some are subsidised by external sponsoship.

Events normally have 2 or more speakers and CPD hours.

NOTE: INSIG is not running any events at present.


INSIG loves to run both member and non-member events such as our Xmas meeting or popular Biennial Conferences.

NOTE: INSIG is not running any events at present.

Venue: ANMF House Address: 535 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Email: Contact Us for event information